You are the Director Sales and just as the last quarter started you were on track to meet 50% of this quarter's target - you had a decent pipeline. By quarter end, you over achieved your target. You just had the best quarter ever, the company just had the best quarter. The CEO sends out the mail to the complete organisation appreciating your effort. You receive that coveted "Sales Person of the Year" award and the all paid trip to Hawaii with family. Your significant other is happy, you are happy and that's how life should be.

Just then the alarm rings, slowly increasing in volume every other second. You don't want this dream to end. You want to see how the next quarter starts and the year ends. You take a quick shower, and then check your Facebook, WhatApp and mails, calendar. There are 7 likes from your friends, 24 WhatsApp messages and 76 unread mails and 4 meetings. You run through the social messages. Get to the calendar and see 4 meetings, 1 in Palo Alto at 10am and another at 2pm in Fremont and the remaining 2 are calls. You get to your mail and you see a mail which looks like SPAM but is actually an invite to a new SalesAI system. You want to mark it as SPAM but then you click it because its from your friend at TechCrunch who usually sends you nice new product launch mails.

The mail reads as "Check out this awesome product for increasing your sales and getting accurate sales forecast." You wonder who can help me improve my numbers for this quarter? You click on the link and it takes you to - Sales AI - you wonder what does that even mean?

You read through the landing page and it intrigues you. You are skeptical, but you tell yourself, lets do a demo and see what happens. That's what Demo's are for.

Signup was a breeze, 37 seconds and you were signed in. And here is what happens post you login to Relatas.

10am - Meeting with John, VP Technology. Meeting at Starbucks, Palo Alto. Relatas also reminds you that you can meet Matt, Kelly and Josh in Palo Alto. It has the pre-drafted mails ready for you to just click SEND. You send out the mails to Matt, Kelly and Josh with your calendar link. With in 10 minutes you have a confirmed meeting with Matt and Kelly in Palo Alto. Josh responds back saying that he is traveling to San Antonio and would love to catch up later - and this gets set up as a calendar reminder.

2pm - Meeting with Tod at Tesla, Fremont. Relatas reminds you that you have not been in touch with Asha at Facebook for a long time and since you are there might be a good opportunity to catch up over coffee. Again the pre-drafted mail is sent out and a confirmed meeting with Asha. You think of that extra-hot-skimmed-milk-caramel-machiato at the Starbucks with Asha.

Thats when you realise that Relatas has sorted your 76 mails and bubbled up the mails that need your attention now. You replied to the 5 most important ones and for the remaining you asked Relatas to remind you later in the day. Relatas understands your email preferences and does that for you.

Relatas reminds you that you haven't been in touch with few of your prospects lately and shows you few who have recently tweeted for you to re-tweet or like the tweets directly from Relatas. For others, Relatas prompts you to email/ call/ set up a meeting based on your preferences. Relatas just understands you.

You invite your team members to try out Relatas. Suddenly you see the whole picture of your sales team, as if by magic. Relatas shows your teams Sales Forecast -  which of your team members are likely to meet their numbers and which ones likely to fail. Relatas also gives you suggestions to help the team members who are unlikely to meet their numbers. You play with the various 'What-If' scenarios that Relatas provides to see which might be a good fit for your team. 

It's been 3 months since your friend sent you that mail, and you can't think of a life without Relatas. Your day starts in Relatas. Relatas gives you a quick 15 minute snapshot of what your day looks like and what you can achieve today. It also shows you your pipeline/ your deals at risk/ pipeline velocity and lot more without data entry. Relatas, doesn't stop there it shows you how to de-risk your opportunities and shows you your teams sales forecast.

Why we built Relatas, the answer :)

Relatas is the story of a sales geek, me - Sudip, Founder & CEO, Relatas. I have over 20+ years of sales experience, built the CRM for a multi-billion dollar company and have experience selling to enterprises in 4 different continents.

Relatas is our life story. It all started in 2015, when I decided to start on my second company. We had been seeking a robust Sales Forecasting solution which worked globally. Failing to find one, we decided to build our own; hence Relatas was born.

Today professionals from 1000+ companies from 300+ global cities rely on Relatas to Forecast Sales with no-data-entry CRM.

Back to the dream

If you have a similar dream (Sales Director), let us know. Below is what Relatas provides and our team will be happy to walk you through a customized demo.

Team Sales Forecast - Do you know which team members are un-likely to meet their targets and what is the corrective action you should take.
Relatas Opportunity Recommendation - Relatas AI Engine creates opportunities that are not in your pipeline by understanding your interactions.
Commit Calls / Forecast Calls - Do you know which of your team members have missed their commit numbers consistently. Which team members over-commit and under-deliver?
Account Health - Do you know which of the accounts need your attention?
Whitespace Analysis - Relatas helps you understand the Whitespaces in the accounts you are trying to sell to.
Deals at Risk - What if you could predict your Pipeline velocity for your company and figure out the deals at risk, without any data entry.
Prospects - Do you know which prospects are likely to close this qtr? especially the ones that need your help to meet your company / region targets
Team Intelligence- Can you replicate successful sales team member's performance? How is your team performing and who needs your help. Compare team members performance.

And all this with NO-DATA-ENTRY for the interactions from you or your team