Hey, I am Tanya Goyal from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. I am a 3rd year graphic designer and currently working as an intern at Relatas as an illustrator, and comic artist.

As the pandemic hit the country in March 2020, I knew I would be home for a long time, so I started working on my skills, but thanks to my procrastination talent, I knew I couldn’t do it until there would be pressure on my head. Hence, I thought to utilise that time by securing an internship.

You know, I have always been a backbencher of the class, always bunking lectures, playing games at the last bench etc. But at the same time I know the importance of starting the career in the right way. Finding balance between enjoying the college life but also securing future is my ideal way of life.

“If college fun is prime then summer internships are key to good career ahead.”
Internships are beneficial because they help develop your professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a greater door to opportunity. By investing in internships, you'll give yourself the broadest spectrum of opportunity when seeking and applying for a job after college.

But since I was a fresher with no experience, I faced rejection from everywhere, because everybody wanted an experienced intern. I started my search in april 2020, applying wherever possible, (on internshala, linkedin, instagram, mailing companies directly), but I had no luck. Relatas form was one of the many forms I filled, and when I got a response back from Sudip (CEO of the company) I thought it wouldn’t go anywhere either, so I wasn’t very hyped about it. Soon my interview process started with Sudip.

In the first round, I was asked general questions that why I wanted this internship, to tell more about myself, my interests etc. I responded to them as I have responded to other interviews, without getting my hopes high.

In the second round I was given an assignment to complete, I had to make an illustration. I was given a day to complete and send it. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand concept well, and ended up messing it, I knew that I wasn’t getting this internship either. But thankfully Sudip gave me another chance and cleared the concept for me patiently which no other company had done, and I knew I wanted to work for this company only. Next day I worked on the illustrations again and sent the final design.

The third round was the video call interview, which is the toughest for me as  I have social anxiety and I get very awkward and nervous talking to anybody new on calls. But Sudip started the interview by telling me more about Relatas and the role I’ll be responsible for, which helped me know things better and get more comfortable in the conversation.

In the fourth round, I was introduced to the Design Head, Sumit. He gave me a little project to work on to test my skills. The project continued for a week.

After a week, in the evening, I was out with some friends when Sudip called, I couldn’t hear him properly because of too much background noise, so I went to a corner and then I heard him saying “I am offering you this internship” and I was blank, I couldn’t believe this was happening for real. 5 minutes after interview ended, I realised it is the truth and I was just so much excited for this new journey.

I started working from the following week.
We began with creating comic strips then we started doing illustrations for the company’s website and other things, because of which I could explore the softwares to the level I didn’t even know existed. Then we started working on UI too. It is so exciting to work on so many different projects by being a part of the same company because it enhances my skills and gives me the perfect experience in all the fields making me absolute industry ready.

There are some things that I like the most about working with Relatas:
1. I am directly in touch with Sudip(CEO of the company) and Sumit (Design Head). They are just a message and call away to solve any problem I have.
2. Since I am working directly with the CEO and the Design Head, such experienced and knowledgeable people, I get to learn almost everything I need to boost up my work and field knowledge.
3. They don’t work to get their designs, they work to make the best out of you. They teach me everything that I need to be perfectly ready for the future jobs.
4. I get to set my own timelines. Since I know the best of my speed of work, they have given me the power to select my own deadlines, which is something I haven’t seen in any other company. But then they are also very serious about committing to those deadlines.
5. I have an equal say in any of the important decisions which is something interns are not a part of in other companies. It makes me feel more committed to the company and its growth.
6. They have been very patient with all the stupid mistakes that I make.
7. In Relatas, they don't order you to work, they work with you, with equal efforts.
8. They give the most appropriate and true feedbacks that I need, to improve my work and skills.

After working for almost 2 months with Relatas, I can proudly say that I have improved my skills upto 55-60%.

In the beginning of the March 2020, I was so afraid for applying for the internships because I knew I don’t have the proper experience. But Relatas has given me a platform to increase my knowledge in all the fields without any experience and helped me become industry ready.

Now I am 100% confident for any future internships and job.
"After all good things take time."

Would you like to see why I love to work at Relatas? Check us out at- https://relatas.com and if you wish to join us take a look at the open positions here:https://angel.co/company/relatas/jobs