At Relatas, we realise that the objectives of Sales Reps are very different from that of the Sales Managers and VP Sales. Thus, we have redesigned the Today screen for the sales Reps so that they can maximise their day.

  1. Completely redesigned TODAY screen
  2. See your Target vs Achievements when you login - Know where you need to put more effort. How have you been doing in the past and if your pipeline is good for you to meet your future target.
  3. Commit directly on your Today screen - You can now make weekly/ monthly/ Quarterly commits directly from the TODAY screen,
  4. Customised card view for your Meetings/ Tasks/ Deals Closing Soon/ Losing Touch/ Meeting Follow ups
  5. Meetings Today - Shows all your meetings for Today and on clicking the meeting shows you your recent interactions, people you could meet, team interactions with the contact, etc
  6. Tasks - Show you all your pending tasks for today.
  7. Deals Closing Soon - This card shows you all your deals closing in the next 30 days for you to pull up your socks and start closing them.
  8. Losing Touch - Losing Touch recommends Sales Reps to stay connected with the contacts you are losing touch with.
  9. Meeting Follow ups - This is an important feature for "Active" field sales people. Sales reps who meet lot of people sometime forget to follow up with thank you mails or minutes of the meetings. Don't fret, Relatas will remind you to follow up even if you forget.
  10. Relatas Recommendations - Lastly we have Relatas recommendations for you to meet your targets.

You may want to read this to get a sense of the magic:

About Relatas

Relatas is an unified no-data-entry sales execution solution that successful B2B sales teams use for Sales Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence. Relatas helps Sales Professionals sell better and faster, with NO-DATA-ENTRY & helping Sales Managers with better sales forecasting and to reduce revenue loss.


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