You are the Chief Revenue Officer and just as the last quarter started your team was on track to meet 65% of the quarter's target - your team had a decent pipeline. By quarter end, your team over achieved their targets. You just had the best quarter ever, the company just had the best quarter. The CEO sends out the mail to the 7 member key leadership team appreciating your leadership efforts. You receive that coveted "Stretch" bonus and the all paid trip to Hawaii with family. Your significant other is happy, you are happy and that's how life should be.

Just then the alarm rings, slowly increasing in volume every other second. You don't want this dream to end. You want to see how the next quarter starts and the year ends. You take a quick shower, and then check WhatApp and mails, calendar. There are 7 likes from your friends, 24 WhatsApp messages and 76 unread mails and 4 meetings. You run through the social messages. Get to the calendar and see 4 meetings, 1 in Palo Alto at 10am and another at 2pm in Fremont and the remaining 2 are calls.

You get to your mail and you see a mail which looks like SPAM but is actually an invite to a new Sales AI system. You want to mark it as SPAM but then you click it because its from your friend at TechCrunch who usually sends you nice new product launch mails.

The mail reads as "Check out this awesome product to help meet your sales numbers." You wonder who can help me and my team meet the numbers for this quarter? You click on the link and it takes you to - Sales AI - you wonder what does that even mean?

You read through the landing page of Relatas and it intrigues you. You are skeptical, but you tell yourself, let's do a demo and see what happens. That's what Demo's are for.

Signup was a breeze, 17 seconds later you were signed up. Within the next 14 minutes you received a mail from Relatas account rep to help you with the demo.

The demo shows you how Relatas can do magic. Well, isn't that all demo's are supposed to do. You are skeptical but you play along because there are some really interesting features that catch your eye like:

Zero-Data-Entry Sales Solution - You have already evaluated/ used multiple CRMs but none worked. You have been frustrated for the past decade asking your sales team to enter data into the CRM, but have failed miserably. So checking a "no-data-entry" CRM intrigues you.

Sales Dashboard - The out-of-the-box dashboards look amazing, then again you remind yourself, this is a demo account and they are supposed to look this way. But at the same time you appreciate the detailed reports and the data that is being shown to you. This is exactly what you have been asking your Sales Operations Head for years, but the team has been struggling to give you this data in real time.

Sales Forecast - The forecast commit feature really piques your interest. This is the one feature that you are really interested in. Your team has been failing to meet their numbers for various reasons and you haven't been able to put a finger on it yet. As the demo continues your interest level increases and you want to ask one question, "How does Relatas do this?", but you stop yourself and try to look calm and cool.

Pipeline Management - The opportunity pipeline management highlighted deal-at-risk right off the bat for you to take action, but the feature that you liked the most was the AI system generated recommended opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell and the auto-stage movement of the opportunities based on how the prospects are interacting with the sales rep. You think, now I don't need to push my sales reps and they can focus on what they do best - sell.

Proposal Document Tracking - You have been frustrated with one simple request and you keep repeating it in every QBR - sales team should use document templates  for the  quotations/ proposals sent to prospects. Relatas demo shows you something more powerful than just document templates. You can also request the recipient to "Approve" the proposal online. The feature you liked the most, smart intelligence - how the proposals can be created directly from the opportunity data, thus saving lot of sales rep time. On top of it Relatas shows you how much time each recipient spent on each page of the proposal. You think this is GOLD, and to top it off this data is fed into Relatas AI engine to forecast better.

Deal Room - You have been struggling to manage the remote sales team which is spread across geographies. To top it off, different teams like to discuss a particular deal over WhatsApp, mail, SMS, Slack, Teams, Google Meet and all the data is all over the place and you can't remember where you last saw a particular message and when was the task assigned to the account manager to make sure the legal contract was sent. When you looked at the Relatas Deal Room, you almost cried, all the data consolidated in the deal room and trackable.

Account Management  - For the past few quarters you have been struggling with the attrition in the sales team for multiple reasons. When team members leave the relationship intelligence leaves with them. Not with Relatas. You liked how the Account Relationship in Relatas retained all the intelligence, interactions between the teams and how a new sales team member could start from Day 1, without any formal handover.

You can't imagine a product like Relatas, which has so many rich features, was not in your radar for so long. It's simple, easy to use with great UI.

You play it cool. You are, after all the CRO of a fast growing multi-million dollar company. You ask for the next steps and tell the Relatas account rep, that someone from your team will follow up soon for a pilot.

You get off the Zoom call and call your Sales Enablement Manager & Sales Operations Head and ask them to set up a demo with the Relatas team to evaluate; their buy-in is important. But you do drop a hint that you liked what you saw and want to get the pilot started asap.

It's been 3 months since your friend sent you that mail, and you can't think of a life without Relatas. Your day starts in Relatas. Relatas gives you a quick snapshot of the opportunities your team is pursuing and the ones that need your attention. It also shows you - your teams pipeline/ deals-at-risk/ pipeline velocity/ upcoming meetings for each deals/ which deals have lower interactions / if the team is sandbagging deals/ sales forecast and lot more. And all this with no-data-entry.

The financial year turned out great. You and your family get to your paid vacation. You lie on the sands of Hawaii enjoying the sunset. Through the corner of your eye you watch your spouse sipping Pina Colada and kids playing on the beach, you think again of your dream and realize that dreams do come true, they just need little help.

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About Relatas

Relatas is a unified no-data-entry sales execution solution that successful B2B sales teams use for Sales Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence. Relatas helps Sales Professionals sell better and faster, with NO-DATA-ENTRY & helping Sales Managers with better sales forecasting and to reduce revenue loss.


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