When was the last time you celebrated Success?
Its been a good ride for the Relatas team in 2016. Some wins. One close loss to the 18 year old sales behemoth. But ended the year — HAPPY. We had VC’s, CXO, Entrepreneurs and ofcource, sales professionals using Relatas in 2016. Read our “Year-in-review” below.

At Relatas, we have built the Sales Artificial Intelligence platform that helps

Sales professional become more successful

How does Relatas — Sales AI do that?

  • No Data entry — Yes sales people hate to enter data into systems :)
  • Analyze team performance and compare teams member — see which team member needs your help to be successful
  • Insights and intelligence with no data entry
  • No change in user behavior — Continue working with your existing systems
  • AI to help increase productivity — How much you can get done in 15 minutes every morning — how about
  • Responding to selected 7 important emails that Relatas Sales AI analyzed for you
  • Sending personalized mails to 16 contacts that you will be in SF next week
  • Sending personalized mails to 9 contacts that Relatas suggested you are losing touch with
  • Pre-drafted mails ready for you to send out for the 5 meetings that you had yesterday
  • Liking or re-tweeting your important prospects/ customers to make that connect to stay on top of their mind — Relatas brings all the important contact tweets for you

Relatas : 2016 in review

  • Qtr 1 — We started the year with the ambition to build the worlds best Sales AI platform — good news are are on track. Reached 1,000,000 connection network in the first quarter of 2016.
  • Qtr 2 — Relatas got selected by NASSCOM to meet companies in Bay Area to partner with. Reached 1,000,000 daily interaction analysis.
  • Qtr 3 — Relatas gets on-board some of the best advisors on board to help shape our journey better. This is one of the best things happened to us as the guidance we received from our advisors — Rajani Ramanathan (former COO, Salesforce), Gaurav Rastogi (former VP, Sales Infosys) and Vasant (former Sr Director Oracle) has been amazing. They helped us shape our journey for better. More here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-our-advisors-including-former-coo-salesforce-have-sudip-dutta
  • Qtr 4 — Launched Relatas for Business and got customers onboard. Reached 4,000,000 daily interaction analysis and network graph of 1,400,000 people globally. Users from 300+ global cities representing 700+ global companies.

We want to celebrate success with you and make 2017 successful for you too. Get in touch with us at hello@relatas.com

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