Why is RevOps gaining traction?

Gartner says 75% of high-growth companies will deploy RevOps by 2025.

What is RevOps?

RevOps (Revenue Operations) has been in practice for a long time, but gained prominence recently, as early as 2015, with new roles coming in like Chief Revenue Officer, Revenue Operations Manager, etc.

RevOps (Revenue Operations) is a function that collates data from various departments like - Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and collates the data in understandable format for the management.

Revenue Operations work on 5 main identifiers

  1. Collaboration across teams
  2. Discover Opportunities
  3. Mitigate Risks
  4. Help management accurately predict business growth
  5. Improve Sales cycle
Why is RevOps important and why do fast growing companies pay for it?

Fast growing companies use RevOps to meet revenue targets. RevOps make sure that your Customer Facing Group (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Legal, Account Management, Program Management) are not working in silos, but winning as a team. If these teams don't work together it will lead to loss of revenue, poor customer experience and in-fighting and finger pointing.

RevOps can help your Go To Market (GTM) team achieve

  1. upto 20% increase in Sales Productivity
  2. 15% increase in customer satisfaction
  3. 30% reduction in GTM costs
Why is now the right time?
  1. Incapable incumbents - The current set of CRM's are insufficient and pretty rudimentary and reactive. They don't provide the GTM team with intelligence to help meet your targets.
  2. Remote Sales Teams - Remote means inefficiencies and inefficiencies are expensive.
  3. Siloed teams - Sales + Marketing + Customer Success + Account Management. They all need to be on the same page for the same customer.
Relatas = CRM + RevOps

Relatas.com brings a unique proposition to the market as a CRM + RevOps + AI built into one.

How is Relatas different and make an impact to your sales team?

  1. Automatic AI based Deal Creation, let the sales team focus on sales. Never miss a deal because the sales team forgot to create a deal.
  2. Near Zero-Data-Entry Sales Solution, gives management the view with limited data entry from Sales Teams
  3. Interaction Intelligence - Understand where your team is focusing and which clients are getting neglected.
  4. Intelligent Proposal creation - Create proposals directly from deal data, reducing human errors
  5. Proposal Approval workflow - make sure the proposals with right margins and amount is going out to customers.
  6. Proposal Tracking - See page level analytics if your customer has seen your proposal or not and how long have they spent on each page of the proposal. https://relatas.com/document-sharing-and-analytics
  7. Deal Rooms - Get all your team members into virtual deal rooms to win as a team. https://relatas.com/dealroom
  8. Sales Forecasting - Understand team's commit and upside.
  9. Weekly Sales calls to QBR Ready - Out-of-the-box and real-time reports for your weekly reports to QBRs. No need of different team members to collate the data leading to human errors and time consuming efforts. https://blog.relatas.com/how-to-successfully-run-your-sales-quarterly-business-review-qbr/

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