I am Anurag Yadav, a final-year student at the Jaypee University of Engineering And Technology, Guna, currently interning as a backend developer at Relatas.

The beginning of 2021 was a very rough year for everyone. I was trying to get an internship for industrial experience (hopefully a full-time offer) and I knew that working in an industry with experienced engineers would be immensely more valuable than working on my own projects.

I applied to Relatas for a backend developer internship role through AngelList. Sofia reached out to me that my resume got selected who did a basic screening after which there were rounds for the whole interview process.

Interview Experience  


  1. Telephonic Interview
  2. Take home Assignment
  3. Call with the Sudip Dutta, CEO

For the first round I received a call from Naveen. He was great and asked me about myself and projects that I have done and then he gave me an assignment in Nodejs and also explained the problem of the assignment.

My college exams were going on so I requested Naveen to extend the deadline which he generously agreed to. I worked through my assignment which was tricky. I shared the assignment source code with Naveen for review.

The second round was again with Naveen where we discussed the approach, design decisions that I took to complete the assignment. We also talked about Nodejs and Javascript in general covering a few basic concepts.

Then Naveen asked me to make the assignment more robust which covered edge cases. I took another day to wrap this up. Naveen accepted the final code submission and he asked me to set up a meeting with Sudip, who’s the CEO and Founder of Relatas.

For the final round, Sudip asked me general questions about myself, what is my motivation to intern with Relatas and how long would I be available. This round was of smaller duration, after which I received an offer letter from Sudip.

The interview experience was exceptional and everyone on the team was really supportive at every moment of the time.

The Work Experience

I have been working in Relatas for 2 months now on technologies like Angular, Nodejs, MongoDB.

My first project with Relatas was to build an analytical dashboard. I worked on a large data set where optimisation of the code on both the front end and back end was of paramount importance. Before joining Relatas I had never worked on Angular framework and Naveen was patient enough for me to learn Angular to deliver this project.

If I got into any problem then Naveen was always there to help me for both technical as well as non technical issues.

I used to get a lot of real-time feedback from Naveen which helped me grow as a programmer.

Out of all the feedback that he gave me, the one that has stuck with me is that  "There are 3 parameters to define the complexity of a code: Time complexity, Space complexity and Human complexity" This feedback changed my code writing style upside down and I would definitely recommend internships at Relatas for a holistic development as a software engineer.

Why Relatas?

  • Great work culture:- In Relatas there is no concept of Sir/Ma'am. Everyone calls each other by their first name. Everyone’s approachable and see you as an equal so I was very comfortable working with everyone at Relatas.
  • Flexible Deadlines:- In Relatas, there is a flexible deadline. It's all up to you how much time you need to complete a task. As I had regular classes going on, I was worried I wouldn't be able to manage my time but everyone at Relatas has been very accommodating.
  • Understanding:- During my internship there were a few days when I was not able to work because of a few personal issues and also college assignments. The team understands this and lets me focus on my college work.
  • Ideas are welcome:- In Relatas new ideas are welcome even if you are an intern. Everyone at Relatas is so easy to reach, even the CEO you can directly call them and discuss the ideas with them.

I think Relatas is the best place to start your career.