We at Relatas (www.relatas.com) got 3 outstanding advisors join us and here is what they have to say about us.


We have information overload today, with so many tools and social sites that we need to keep up with. It is overwhelming to separate out what is relevant and prioritize accordingly. I like how Relatas seamlessly works with the tools I already use and uses cognitive technology to help me keep on top of what is time critical! — Rajani Ramanathan — Former COO Salesforce


Steve Jobs thought computers were a bicycle for our minds, allowing human power to be amplified efficiently. I’m excited about Relatas, because now AI can finally help us be better at the most human of all things — social relationships. Our natural talent as a social species is amplified many times over through the use of artificial intelligence. For a sales professional, there’s nothing more rewarding than to have more power to their networks. — Gaurav Rastogi — Former VP Infosys


Enhancing and nurturing relationships are critical aspects of today’s hyperconnected world. This has become a challenge given the advent of newer paradigms, tools, mechanisms and preferences. Relatas enables me to manage my relationships and interactions much more efficiently leading to increased effectiveness in my business operations. — Vasant Kumar — Former Sr Director Oracle