We interviewed multiple sales Managers across geographies and realized that almost 88% sales managers review sales teams on the following points. We went back to the white board and designed an interactive Opportunity Review for Sales Managers. Along with the above we also added Opportunity Insights.

How can Opportunity Review help me?

Opportunity Review is mainly for Sales Managers to understand what is going for all the opportunities under their purview. It provides the Sales Managers a single point of view on following parameters:

  1. Activities - Interactions with contacts
  2. Stage Stuck - If the opportunity is stuck in a stage
  3. Age - How old is the opportunity
  4. Deal Size - Highlight high value deals
  5. Competitor - Should I be worried about this deal
  6. New Logo - Is this a new logo for the organization.
  7. Upcoming meeting - When is the next meeting scheduled for the opportunity
  8. Opportunity Insights - Clicking on the Opportunity opens up the opportunity and gives Sales Managers on how the teams are interacting with the prospect.
  9. Next Step - If you see anomaly in the opportunity, go to the Deal Room and assign a task or ask for clarification.

When should Sales Managers use Opportunity Review?

Early release shows that Sales Managers should login to Opportunity Review twice a week to effectively manage their teams.

Together with Deal Room, Opportunity Review becomes a potent tool for remote team collaboration.

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