Now SHARE and TRACK business critical documents with your customers and understand the user behaviour.


Share documents

  1. Share Quotations/ Proposals/ Invoices/ Sales Order or any other business critical document with your customers/ prospects
  2. Each shared user card contains Last viewed and Expiry dates with sharing status indicating whether document is currently visible to user or not

Secure document

  1. Control file share, and turn off access anytime
  2. Document Expiry date - Set document expiry date even after you have shared the document
  3. Secure the document - Password control the document, so that only authorised users can view the same.
  4. Delete document - Delete the document that you are no longer sharing

Real-time Document Analytics

  1. All documents in one place and get real-time analytics on page view.
  2. Shows all the documents and number of people the document is shared with with the document category.
  3. Swipe through each shared user to see their document analytics in bar graph where each bar indicates the number of minutes spent on corresponding page
  4. Get instant, actionable feedback. Be prepared for your next meeting with real-time read notifications.

About Relatas

Relatas is the Sales AI platform that successful B2B sales teams use for Sales Forecasting, Account Management and Sales Execution using Relationship Intelligence and AI. Relatas helps Sales Professionals sell better and faster, with NO-DATA-ENTRY & helping Sales Managers reduce revenue loss and better sales forecasting.


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