Hi, I'm Kaustubh, AI/ML Developer at Relatas, and here's my story of how I went from an intern to landing a full-time role at Relatas. Read about my initial months as an intern at Relatas in my first blog here.

All throughout my internship, I got to learn tons of things that none of the courses or trainings will teach. I owe my colleagues here at Relatas a lot for helping me through this.

Some things I learnt at Relatas that I had never thought about before:

Work Etiquette:

This is something that is extremely important for someone working in a team. Before joining Relatas, I was used to working alone on projects that I wanted to build or in a team with my friends. There was no real manner of interactions that was meant to be followed. But when working with other professionals on real world applications, there is a proper demeanour to be followed. My colleagues at Relatas guided me in a very helpful and non-condescending manner.


As someone highly interested in Machine Learning and AI, I took numerous courses and built projects to learn the basics of ML. But, my projects always ended at an incomplete point where I had incredible results but nothing to do with them. At Relatas I learnt not only how to build ML models but also how to integrate them with multiple end points. I learnt what end-to-end development actually meant.

Business Mindset:

At Relatas, I learnt to always develop keeping in mind the business requirements of the features I was building. Many times, there are things that we can build as developers that might seem incredible but wouldn't have any actual implementation and use in the real world application. Hence, I learnt that code should be written based on business requirements instead of looking for business requirements of the code we have written.

Design First, Code Later:

As a programmer, writing code excites me. All these years spent in competitive programming have trained my minds to start writing code as soon as in idea strikes my mind. This rarely works when developing a real world application. I learnt this the hard way. I would say this is the most important thing I learnt at Relatas. Always design what you want to code and think of test cases before writing the code itself. This greatly improves efficiency and time taken for debugging.

Why I joined Relatas as Full-time Engineer?

During the final year of my college, college placements started. All the MNCs came with job openings as 'Trainee Developer'. I appeared for one of these placements. It had the typical standardised testing method of recruitment: One round of aptitude test, one coding round, technical interview and finally an HR interview.

Then I spoke to my Technical Leader at Relatas. Incidentally he too had joined Relatas as an intern and had seen an amazing growth during his time at Relatas. Spoke to Sudip, Relatas CEO and got his inputs. The fact that all of them wanted to help me decide by giving me the pieces I could decide with was very helpful. After that it was an easy decision, I finally decided not to go ahead with a corporate job because I believe working at a start-up like Relatas has advantages.

The good thing about the Relatas Internship was I was aware even before joining the internship that there was a Full-time opportunity available for interns who complete the full internship duration with Relatas. Once of the many reasons why the minimum internship duration at Relatas is 6 months is so that both the intern and the Relatas team get to know each other, the work that is being done and if our wavelength matches.

It's not just about the company choosing you, but also you choosing the company. What helped me decide to go ahead with Relatas was the work I did during the internship, my personal growth, the culture, flexibility given to me and making me feel responsible and proud for the work I did.

Here are few things that I love about Relatas.

  • Responsibility
    When working at a startup, there are fewer people working at a product and hence, each person needs to have extensive knowledge of the technologies used in the product. The learning opportunities at such startups are immense and the experience gained is extremely valuable. While working at any project at Relatas, we are entirely responsible for the end-to-end development for it, we have the flexibility of setting our own deadlines and thus adding the responsibility of delivering on time and committing to the deadlines we set. Relatas has helped me understand how important are commitments, not just at work but also in life.
  • Making an Impact
    Developing something at a startup has direct impact on the product. Hence, there comes the satisfaction of being able to contribute to a real project. Right from my first month at Relatas, I started working on features that are real-life customer requirements. Ever since the beginning I knew my contributions were important to the development of the product. Unlike other companies, I have never felt like I was doing any form of menial work at Relatas.
  • Passionate Team
    When a small team works on a product, every member is passionate about it. It takes a team of brilliant and motivated individuals to turn an idea into a sustainable business. Here at Relatas, the people I am working with are some of the most talented, hardworking and dedicated people I have had the pleasure of meeting. They are ready to help me or each other any time of the day in the most considerate and informative way possible. Their dedication towards the company is unparalleled. On a personal note, I hope I can match their passion for the art soon and when I do, it'll be right here at Relatas.
  • Business Mindset
    Working at a startup, you start to write code while thinking about how it will impact the performance of the business. All decisions are made keeping in mind the business requirements. You learn how a business operates and the efforts that go into making it sustainable. While developing any feature, the team discusses elaborately on how it will impact the performance of the product, how it will help the customers, what problems does it solve and the overall requirements for it. Creativity is highly encouraged here but also keeping in mind the business needs.
  • A Renewed Company Culture
    Startups have a much progressive mindset about increasing employee effectiveness. There aren't many hard and fast rules that need to be followed. For anyone who loves a fast-paced & ever-changing work environment, startups are the place for it. Some examples of this culture are:
  • 1) No leave approval process - As long as I don't abuse the system and keep my performance unaffected by delivering on committed time and maintaining discipline, the team has no issues on when I take leaves.
  • 2) Flexible working hours - I get to decide the time when I prefer to work as long as it doesn't impact other dependencies. Personally, as many other students might relate, I like to work at night, which is perfectly fine with the team as long as I'm comfortable with it.
  • 3) Updated with changes in technology - Everything at Relatas is built using the latest technology available. Whenever something better comes up, we make sure to stay up to date.
  • 4) Completely Remote - Everybody is remote and work from the location they prefer to work. Gives me the added flexibility.  
  • 5) Organised - The entire workflow is amazingly organised. Though everybody is remote, it amazes me to see how seamlessly everything works. Makes everything easier and keeps everyone in the loop. Trust is also a big factor, I guess it works so smoothly because the management trusts the team. Working here is an absolute delight.

Finally, Relatas offers all of these and more. Here, we set our own deadlines and work when it is comfortable for us. We work directly in contact with the CEO and there is clear visibility of our responsibilities. The team is absolutely brilliant with like minded individuals and strong motivation. I have learnt more in my 8 months of internship at Relatas than I did in my 4 years of programming at college!

Looking forward to my future as a full time developer at Relatas and enjoying my Artificial Intelligence journey, The Relatas Way!

If you wish to join us take a look at the open positions here: https://angel.co/company/relatas/jobs