I am Muazzam, a 3rd-year student at Manipal University Jaipur from Kashmir, currently interning as a web developer at Relatas.

2020 was a difficult year, I like many others left for home leaving all our belongings at the hostel, believing it’ll all be over within a week or two.

Little did we know that we’ll be stuck for almost a year.

Back home in Kashmir, 2020 came with the extra baggage of internet restriction, which was capped at around 30KBps. Owing to this restriction on the internet I had to quit my previous internship where I worked as a graphic designer because it was impossible to submit the required 10’s of Mb’s of creatives every day on time. And the internet trouble didn’t end there, the college announced an online mode of classes and evaluation which I was unable to attend, and I ended up barely passing the semester.

The situation seemed bleak, my stress increasing exponentially with every passing day. I overthought about my future career; it was not looking good.

It was around this time a friend from college, Tanya, contacted me saying there is an opening at Relatas for motion graphics, where she was interning as an illustrator. And she helped me get an interview with Sudip (CEO).

At first, I was nervous and paranoid, thinking I’ll be rejected, or I am not qualified enough, or they’ll turn me down after knowing my internet situation. But a few minutes into the phone call with Sudip, with his excellent conversation skills, I felt completely at ease. I told him about the internet situation, and he informed me that I will get to set my timelines and I could take as much time as required to submit the graphics. I was given a small task and I qualified for the internship.

During one of the initial interviews with Sudip, I asked him that I also wanted to work in web development. He remembered, and he gave me an option to switch to the field of my interest. I had to pass another interview for that field, once my job in motion graphics was done.

This kind of flexibility is rare. What stuck with me is the openness and willingness to give an opportunity.

Even though I didn’t have any previous experience in web development, I still managed to pass a couple of rounds of interviews and started my first technical internship here at Relatas. I had always been interested in design and computer engineering and web development gave me a way to pursue both of my passions together, so getting this internship was a dream come true.

Once I started working, I regained confidence in myself. This job pushes me to keep moving forward and learn new things. Working here has been one of my best experiences. I’ve got to learn so many new cutting edge technologies. Being able to work on a real-life project is exciting by itself.

My skills have improved exponentially.

I get stuck on a lot of problems and Naveen (Tech Head, Relatas) is always there available to help. At Relatas, I have the liberty to choose my deadlines which helps me manage time between college and internship much more efficiently and also helps me self-evaluate. Even though I set my deadlines, I still manage to miss them; I am working on this.

During just the beginning of my internship, I was lucky enough to catch the 5th anniversary of the company. The whole team was invited to a virtual music night. An amazing singer from Goa joined us; It was a beautiful evening.

Another thing worth mentioning about Relatas is the work culture that dictates calling each other by first names, regardless of their designation. Having always used salutations while addressing anyone senior to me in designation or age, it felt weird at first but I eventually realized how easy it made talking to others on the team and it made every conversation more friendly and casual.

All this makes Relatas an ideal place to work. Friendly, stress-free, and flexible work environment, endless opportunities, open communication. In the words of Chandler Bing, "Could this BE any better!"

Working at Relatas gave me a glimpse of what is to come after college, the workload I will have to face once I start working full time. It helps me point out my shortcomings and prompts me to start working on them. And not to forget the sense of satisfaction or happiness I get every time I solve a problem, big or small.

Would you like to see why I love to work at Relatas? Check us out at- https://relatas.com and if you wish to join us take a look at the open positions here: https://angel.co/company/relatas/jobs