Master Data Management is an important feature to make sure that the data is consistent and also helps generate reports based on the same.

This months release has some major updates on Documents and feature updates and bug fixes as below. Major update is the Master Data (Master account/ Master Partner data, etc) and this master data can be linked to Documents, Opportunities and Accounts.

Upload Master Data:

  1. Master data can be uploaded in XLS format or created manually by corporate admin
  2. R Code (Relatas internal code) is generated automatically and can not be edited. Its a unique code that can be used by company like yours for internal reference..
  3. Setting master data type as mandatory for opp creation ensures selection while creating opps. Admins can make these fields mandatory, depending upon their company preference.
  4. Deletion of referred master data won’t remove the Master Data set for opps and quotations. Even after the master data is deleted, the old data will be retained by the opportunities and quotations where they were used.
  5. Only headers marked as "Important" will be available for XLS download in Insights>Opps>Download. Under master data management, corporate admin has to set the data headers/fields as important. Only those headers/fields will be part of the XLS download

Opp create/Edit

  1. Master data type selection can be added/edited under the "Customer" tab when creating/Editing opp. This feature is useful to capture extra details about accounts/partners.
  2. Insights>Opps:
  3. Check your opportunity details from the opp screen
  4. Update the basic opportunity details from opp screen
  5. Assign tasks to the opportunity owner from the opp screen
  6. Add notes to the opportunity from the insights -> opp screen


  1. Integration of Master Data. With this, consistency of account information can be maintained across all the Quotations/documents sent to your customers.
  2. Documents tab under opportunity details shows all the documents linked to particular opportunity.
  3. Copy individual field elements.
  4. Option to choose font types for text fields.
  5. Resize and drag fields which helps in faster creation of document templates.
  6. Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  7. When some field is resized, the same element can be moved in its old resized position.
  8. Copy paste in text area content can be edited
  9. Auto expand and collapse of text area based on its content.
  10. The text area cells can be auto adjusted (min height and width will be set by admin) based on the content.
  11. Divider color is reflected in documents as set in document template.

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