Love is in the air, we thought of helping you with the same.

We can help handle your customers, like ours. We love thy customers. Relatas Sales AI remembers when to connect with your leads, prospects, customers so that you don’t have to. Using AI, Relatas creates mails that you can review and send out. Imagine what you can do with the time saved, possibly buy that gift online for your valentine or take them out.

Here are some things we do to stay on top of your customers.

Remind you to connect with your customers
Relatas Sales AI analyzes different signals from your emails, calls, SMS, calendars, social, etc to help you stay connected with your customers.
Relatas reminds you on when to connect and more importantly how
Relatas Sales AI helps you stay connected with your customers and prospects. We all run behind deals — try to get them closed ASAP. Relatas help you close deals faster. Want to see how, just set time with us for a demo and we’ll show you how.

Now as you have seen, Relatas Sales AI can help you stay connected with your prospects and customers, it can also help you stay connected with your loved ones on valentines day.

Looking for new deals, Relatas can also help you get new leads.

And btw, Relatas Sales AI does all this with NO DATA ENTRY.

Want to give it a try, mail us at or schedule a demo with us at