Rewind back to 2019, I was doing pretty well with a good job in software sales, where I was earning more, just on the incentives alone. Having a Masters in applied ML Engineering, I was looking for  transition into ML Engineering.  My interest towards AI for business encouraged me to make a leap of faith by quitting my full time job and get into the field of ML Engineering

It was then I found ML Intern role at Relatas on as I was searching for an opportunity to display my skills and make a Mark in these harsh COVID times.

I received a call from Robby (VP of Engineering)

The First round - It was quite relaxed interview, trying to understand my knowledge on ML and domain of sales. I just expressed myself thanks to Robby for creating such a kind of atmosphere during the call. And that's when I actually understood one of the core values of Relatas -

No hierarchy and open for ideas.

The Second round - I was given a task to build my own forecasting model on a large Sales Dataset which involved Conversational Data[NLP], this is where I got to understand the second core principle

Being independent and flexible.  

The Third Round - Robby really liked the model and I was on time even though there were floods and power cut in my place. We discussed about my approach on problem solving, already started generated new ideas and very customised techniques and solutions. Yes, you got it right this is the third principle -

Being unique problem solver, professional and willing to take ownership.

The Fourth Round - It was with Sudip(CEO), we had a good 10 mins discussion and I could clearly infer that setting deadlines and delivering them is they Key principle at Relatas. Yes it is -

Being Punctual and Responsible.                            

And that's how I  cleared all the rounds to make it to the offer.

My first Meeting.....  

I was late to my first meeting, yes very first meeting over a small confusion using the calendar invite. How often do you wait outside your home stare at the door when the door isn't locked yes I virtually did that felt terrible. Of all, Sudip (CEO, Relatas) who was values punctuality the most, supported me which comforted me.

I was asked  to get a good idea about the product and make a PPT, it was an entire package for entire firm that wants to optimise their sales performance, tracking and conversations.

My second meeting.....[Just the way no one wants it to be]    

I was given two days time to explore and present it in the meeting. This time I was on time but knocking a different door. Everyone were waiting in a different link. Presentation went well but I was not happy, disgusted with myself.

Enter Kempa.....[Data Engineer at  Relatas]. Kempa called me after the meet, I shared my thoughts with him he in fact helped me to move on.

Its been a month and I was never Late again 😎

Yes It's been a month at Relatas and my determination towards problem solving has only increased. I got a chance to work across the entire life cycle of product development i.e., from Data Engineering to tracking patterns to Modelling to making  predictions and Deployment on Industrial Data.      

Platforms I work on    

Data Engineering - Pyspark  [data is huge here]

Modelling - Pyspark MLlib, Spark NLP [I mean it, its huge!]    

DataBase - MongoDB                                            

Cloud - Amazon AWS                                                                                                        

Deployment - Docker, Airflow   [Told you its End to End]  

Projects I work on  

Sales Forecasting - Big data [which is the future]                                                            

Sentiment Analysis -Tracking intents, predictions based on conversations                

Building an entire package to improve Sales                                                                  

Projects I am yet to pitch [I got that leverage to take lead]                                              

Here at Relatas, sensitivity and privacy of the data are the highest priority. In fact continuous efforts are made by the top management to create dummy big data for the purpose of development. This is where I learnt the industrial standards for confidentiality which I feel is most important for any engineer dealing with Data.

At Relatas our meetings are precise yet informative which I feel enhances my communication and problem solving skills.

Communication and Team work is the key 

The motto is to solve the business problem by building AI based end-to-end analytics/communication solution, professionalism and the freedom that they provide to take ownership on the projects keeps me on my toes.

I strongly feel working @Relatas helps tailoring my profile and attitude, shaping a leader in handling and understanding data and help solving business problems making me a complete Data Scientist.

Well..... This is My Story, join us to start your journey to becoming a complete Data Scientist at .
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