Like a car dashboard, where one can quickly and easily see vital signs that affect your current task. Similarly, a Sales dashboard helps you and your sales team achieve your goals. The Sales Dashboard provides important information at a glance; it keeps you aware of necessary metrics and performance standards. But then there is a big difference too. Unlike a car dashboard, a sales dashboard should be different for a Sales rep and for a Sales leader as they need to look at different things to achieve different goals.

At Relatas we released our New Insights Dashboard for Relatas users. Relatas dashboard showcases multiple insights for the Sales Managers and VP Sales.

CXO Dashboard

Pipeline Flow

Pipeline flow shows the users how the opportunity pipeline is flowing from the start to the end of the Qtr. How many deals moved from New to commit to won stage. All this in an amazing visual depiction.

Pipeline Velocity

Pipeline Velocity shows the Managers which team members are likely to meet their targets based on the pipeline that they have.

Account vs Interactions

Account vs Interactions shows the managers if the sales rep is focusing on the right accounts and if the interactions are falling for high value accounts.

Opportunity vs Interactions

Opportunity vs Interactions shows the managers if the sales reps are focusing on the right opportunity or not.

Lead Source

Lead Source graph helps you understand where your customers are coming from (signups, demos, website, conferences, referrals). This data helps you classify which leads to contact first and focus on the most profitable sources.


See what stage each open opportunity is in and how close they are to closing. Use this information to tailor your conversations based on where leads are in the purchase process, as well as know when to teach versus pitch. This is an important parameter which Relatas uses to predict the sales persons forecast.

Sales Cycle

The average duration (days) it takes your sales rep to win an opportunity. This is an important parameter to understand how your deals close. Relatas - Sales AI uses this parameter while calculating each sales persons forecast.

Won/ Lost Opportunities

Get visibility into how much revenue your sales reps have generated an d how much have they lost. This metric is important for you to understand why is your team winning and losing deals and to take corrective action.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is important for the sales leaders to track to get an understanding of how the sales rep is creating and closing the opportunities.

Interaction / Sales won

This insight is useful to understand how many interactions is the sales rep doing to win a sales.

About Relatas

Relatas is an unified no-data-entry sales execution solution that successful B2B sales teams use for Sales Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence. Relatas helps Sales Professionals sell better and faster, with NO-DATA-ENTRY & helping Sales Managers with better sales forecasting and to reduce revenue loss.


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