1,000,000 Daily Interactions

Let me start by giving you a background of what we do before we touch upon the first million & then the next.

Relatas is the Sales AI platform that successful sales teams use for Sales Execution and Forecasting with NO-INTERACTION-DATA-ENTRY & helping Sales Managers reduce revenue loss. Sales professionals interact with their contacts over various platforms like, emails, calendars, calls, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and gets difficult to figure out who they are losing touch with and how to win deals faster. Relatas seamlessly works with the tools that you already use and uses cognitive technology to help you stay on top of what is time critical!

Why did we build Relatas?
Having built the CRM system for a multi-billion dollar organization and been a sales person for 17 years of my professional life, we realized the problems of sales people, sales managers and CXO’s. Sales professionals need real time information and they HATE to enter data into CRM systems. Thats when it hit us, why do sales people need to enter the data that is already captured in various systems. And then we made that existing data to work for the sales professionals.

Relatas uncovers patterns and relationships hidden in the data you have already created.

What problem are we solving?
Relatas is on a mission to create AI that multiples the human capacity for relationships, so that B2B professionals can sell faster through deep networking. If you look at the sales professionals, they want to stay in touch with their contacts but the human mind has limited capacity.

Relatas extends the capacity of human mind through AI to make sure the sales professionals never drop the ball.

How did we make to the first million & then the next?
Once people understood the value proposition, they told about Relatas to their colleagues, shared about Relatas within their circles and word spread. Sales professionals invited their colleagues and they in turn invited their friends. They started using Relatas for regular communications and slowly the number started to grow. We launched our new beta in Dec 2015 and by Feb 2016 we had hit the magic number of 1,000,000 connected network. Then by July 2016 we hit another 1,000,000 milestone — 1,000,000 daily interaction analysis on Relatas.

For the second million, I guess the product did the trick

We are on tract to hit 10,000,000. Stay tuned.