Commit or Sales forecast calls are the lifeline of most sales organisations. An Accurate Sales Forecast means you know where you are and where your team is going, and how you’ll get there. Why do so many sales people and companies fail to get their sale forecast wrong?

CSO Insights reported in their annual survey that 54% of the deals forecast by reps never close.

But why do most companies fail at Sales Forecasting. Companies fail because of multiple reasons:

  1. Sales reps don't enter data in their CRMs
  2. Sales reps sandbag opportunities that magically close on the last day of the quarter.
  3. Sales reps don't keep the CRM updated with latest happenings on the opportunities including the client interactions.
  4. The definition of "Commit" varies from sales-rep to sales-rep
  5. Is there a Sales Champion / Decision Maker/ Influencer identified at the client org?
  6. How are the client interactions with the team and team interactions with the client?
According to SiriusDecisions research, only 21% of companies come within 10% of their forecasts
Relatas Commit - Sales Forecast

Benefits of Relatas Commit:

  1. Relatas - Sales AI is first of its kind No-Interaction-Data-Entry CRM. Relatas automatically collates data from emails/ Calendars/ calls*/ SMS* and uses Artificial Intelligence to understand that data.
  2. Real-time Sales Interactions - The biggest challenge for the sales managers is to understand if their team is interacting with the right contact for the right opportunity / account. Since Relatas automatically captures the interaction data, the same is readily available for the sales Reps and their managers. One of the biggest benefits our existing customers have seen is interaction increase with their prospects and customers post Relatas.
  3. Weekly Commit/ Forecast Calls - Relatas moves your weekly commit calls from Status calls to Strategy calls. Since all the data is readily available, Relatas understands the same and then shows you the deals at risk that impacts your pipeline and helps you focus on the right deals.
  4. Action Items - At Relatas, we have put a lot of thought, working with global sales leaders to get the usability right. All the information that you need is readily available at the click of a button and then you can assign tasks and follow up on previous tasks directly from the commit call screen.
  5. New Opportunities created - Relatas helps you understand if the sales pipeline is strong for each sales person in your team to meet their quarterly targets. Relatas also alerts the managers if there are any anomalies in the interaction pattern.
  6. Sentiment Analysis - Understand the objections raised by your prospects without even asking your sales reps.
  7. Dis-engagement Risk: Senior titles or relevant buyer personas not engaging substantively over email and meetings
  8. Relationship Risk: Single-threaded, weak relationships with key buyer roles


  1. Relatas AI based opportunity Recommendations
  2. See who your team is interacting with and where the relationships are at risk directly from the commit screen.
  3. Single screen for "Team" / "Company" commit reviews
  4. Check your opportunity details from the commit screen
  5. Update the basic opportunity details from commit screen
  6. Assign tasks to the opportunity owner from the commit screen
  7. Add notes to the opportunity from the commit screen
  8. Team commit shows the FY Target and FY Achievement
  9. % of commit vs Target value for each team member
  10. See your Target vs Achievements when you login
  11. Commit directly on your Today screen
  12. Material Design card view for your Meetings/ Tasks/ Deals Closing Soon/ Losing Touch/ Meeting Follow ups

About Relatas

Relatas is an unified no-data-entry sales execution solution that successful B2B sales teams use for Sales Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence. Relatas helps Sales Professionals sell better and faster, with NO-DATA-ENTRY & helping Sales Managers with better sales forecasting and to reduce revenue loss.


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