We were just back from the TechSparks event where Relatas (www.relatas.com) was selected the Top 30 start-ups chosen from India, when we realized that we had the #NASSCOM Product Conclave event the next week. I had been in talks with the event organizers to help us get a booth so that we could showcase our just launched beta product to the audience that would be attending the event. But their choice of start-ups was already made. No hard feelings for NASSCOM as they have a tough task at hand and to be fair to them we were late in approaching them.

Guerrilla marketing
We have all heard or know about Guerrilla marketing. We thought of implementing it. Post the sad news that we can’t showcase our beta product at the event, we brainstormed how best we could present ourselves and get in front of the audience that love start-ups and are early adopters. Then it just clicked. We had few underutilized flyers from the TechSparks event and we thought of using them.


We decided to use these underutilized flyers at the NASSCOM event. We networked heavily during the morning session and had a quick lunch. When the auditorium was free during lunch we put these flyers on all the empty chairs so that when the audience returned post lunch for other talks, they could read about us.

Boy, how effective was this guerrilla marketing for Relatas.com
Post the session during the evening networking dinner we noticed lot of people knew Relatas and were eager to ask questions and we knew that we were successful in spreading the word. We then followed it up with our pitch to most of the people we could meet and explain how Relatas could be useful to them in their daily life.

We saw increase in the new user registration over the weekend. We followed it up with an email campaign after few days of the event. We didn’t want to send out the emails right after the event as we realized others would be doing it too and this would be one of the many mails. We saw an increase in new registrations post the email. Through this, we were able to get 30% increase in new registrations from a single event with no additional cost (except of course the event attendance cost !!)

Few pointers for successful guerrilla marketing that we learnt

  1. Surprise your target audience
  2. Do something that others aren’t (at least not there and then)
  3. Give them something they can relate to
  4. Follow up so that they remember you
  5. Live up to your promise