Generating new leads and staying in touch with our existing contacts is the bread and butter for any Sales Professional. In this post we will cover how helps you to generate new leads. It was a long time coming with our Enterprise users asking for Relatas for Business. We launched the Beta — Relatas for Business a month back and have witnessed great adoption and use for Relatas for Business since then. Some of the features for Relatas for Business users are listed below for your ready reference.

Generate New Leads

Some important points that you see as soon as you login, each of them giving you important analytics and recommendations on how to improve the same.

  • Remind to Connect
  • Losing Touch
  • Revenue at Risk
  • Generate New Leads
  • Remind to Connect
    No more calendar reminders. Remind to Connect shows you all the contacts that you have set reminders for or emails that you wish to follow up on. All of us send lot of mails regularly and one of the things that our Business users requested for was a facility for them to remind them after few days if they have heard back from those users or if the recipient has actually seen the mail so that they could follow up.

Losing Touch
Losing touch feature that tells our Business users who they are losing touch with and with recommendations for them on how they can connect with them. Should they send an email/ schedule a meeting/ call them or just tweet. A combination of Machine learning and Predictive Analytics brings an amazing insight for our users.

Revenue at Risk
Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs have their heads down into building new relationships and following up with old contacts. Some of us maintain XLS sheets to figure out the Revenue at Risk. At Relatas we heard those users and built a Predictive engine that can show you your daily Revenue at Risk with little to no input from your end.

Generate New Leads
Which sales professional would say NO to getting new leads. We at Relatas dive deep into your existing relationships that you have already built and show you a new list of Leads that you can tap into and hopefully close them and generate new business. Relatas analyses how you interact with your exiting users, decision makers, influencers and based on the same gives you suggestions who you should interact with and how to connect with them.