Greeting Readers,

This blog is the 2nd part of my previous blog- My Internship Experience with Relatas. You can check it out here-

Almost 4 months into the very first internship of my life, I am sharing with you all- my experience, learnings and discoveries I have made about myself . If you are a student, a college goer/university graduate or someone who is applying to internships or have started an internship, this blog is a slice of my experience with Relatas.

At the start of 2020, I was like any other fresh graduate. Feeling lost and confused about how and when and where to apply for an internship? Is an internship really important? Which company to apply to? Where to work? - these were just some of the doubts and questions that haunted me everyday. After applying to every company on the face of the planet, I landed an opportunity at Relatas.

I am a Marketing Intern at Relatas. When I was interviewing with Sudip (CEO of Relatas), he understood that my bookish marketing knowledge required application skills. I came in with zero practical experience and I thought I would bomb every task and might get asked to leave within the first few weeks. But to surprise, Relatas has groomed me to take on responsibilities, deliver results and pretty much inculcated a sense of confidence in me.

Initially I was only fascinated by the world of sales and marketing but had very little knowledge about what goes into being a successful marketer in this competitive business. Relatas understood that; what I needed the most was an opportunity to explore every facet of marketing to get a better understanding of what the job entails and he offered me just that within the first few weeks.

  1. Market Research
  2. Competitor Research
  3. Cost benefit Analysis
  4. Marketing Tools
  5. the 4Ps of marketing and other concepts are just something I had studied from a textbook in college.
At Relatas, I get to apply them to real life projects almost everyday.

In the first month of my internship, I was very slow at research and did not tactfully use the resources that were at my disposal. This only resulted in frustration. After having a conversation with Sudip about this, he very patiently explained to me what I was doing wrong and how I can save time on mundane tasks by performing them smartly. This is learning for a lifetime. No matter what industry I land up in, 8/10 years in the future, this is something I can apply to any task.

Within just 3 months of my internship, Relatas bestowed on me the responsibility of interacting with global clients. This helped me

  1. Brush up my communication skills that come in handy anytime and anywhere
  2. Gave me the confidence to interact with global CXO. Can you imagine a 21 year old interacting with global CXO's.
What I like the most about this job is the trust as well as the liberty my boss gives me.

My college friends who are doing similar internships with other companies for close to 8/9 months are still stuck on the data mining stage, wherein I have gained double the experience within just 3 months at Relatas.

Let me confess that I have made quite a few mistakes at this job. Some small, some colossal. I thought I was very close to getting fired one time but Sudip knows that this is a learning experience for me. I made mistakes and learnt from them. There is always room for improvement.

This experience has helped me understand that the company's image and integrity is equally distributed on all it's employees' shoulders. My loss is the company's loss. And my success is the company's success. It feels good to be a part of a team.

Another thing I really enjoy is writing. This is a skill that Team Relatas observed in me and has given me the platform to publish my blogs and articles on a myriad of subjects. Under the guidance of Sudip, I get to improve my writing skills and also learn how to present a well researched piece.

I must admit that at the beginning of the internship I was pretty complacent and lacked patience. I have had the opportunity to manage my time well and also to become a little more patient. These virtues have boosted my confidence over time.

If you are interested interested in exploring the opportunities that Relatas offers to young people starting off their careers, check out this link: and be a part of the team!