Hello peers, I am Ruturaj Gujar, a Computer Engineering Student from DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai. I have been interested in the field of Machine Learning (ML) since my 2nd year of engineering. The idea that we can make computers to take their own decisions excites me a lot, and so I have been exploring different domains of ML for the last couple of years. In the past, I have done a couple of ML internships and while doing them I knew this is what I like to do and want to make my career in the same. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is already being applied to more and more domains everyday, and it is because these models improve the performance of the system considerably, and are adaptable to any situation. Moving forward, I believe ML/AL would be the future of everything and so I would like to be among those who contribute in making these systems better.

2020 has been a very rough year for everyone, and we as the final year students were among the most impacted group of people. This is because, students having placement offers were getting their offers revoked, and on the other hand the dream of going for Masters was starting to fade away with universities sending mass rejects and coming up with the whole "Online Learning" policies. I personally had been admitted to Masters in Computer Science program at an US university, but as the chances of Fall 2020 looked bleak, I decided to defer my admission for next year. But now there came the big question of what to do with the time that I have in hand? Certainly I couldn't just waste the time and keep chilling at home doing nothing. So I decided to apply for internships since this would have been my last chance to do one before completing my Engineering and going to pursue my Masters.

Time to get the binoculars on and start looking for internships 🧐

Having worked on real world projects in the past internships, I knew that there is always much more to learn while working on such projects rather than just doing a pet project which might not even reach its completion stage due to lack of motivation. Real world projects always have a deadline and the problems that we face are much more complicated than the ones faced on personal projects. This helps us learn a lot of new things and also improves logical thinking skills. So for this reason I started looking out for ML internships on AngelList. During my search, I came across this internship posted by Relatas.

What does Relatas do?

Relatas is a B2B Sales CRM platform powered by AI. The most important value that Relatas delivers, is to maintain healthy relationships in the sales world. This is important because in the sales world each team can have thousands of contacts and it becomes very difficult to manually keep track of everyone. Relatas provides you suggestions of who do you need to contact so that no one is out of touch for a longer duration.

Also, as Relatas uses AI to forecast sales, it helps you to close down on deals that might not have been possible earlier. It provides you a great summary as well as an in-depth analysis of the status of each deal, and what corrective measures can be taken to further improve the sales.

The advantage of Relatas over normal CRM platforms is that it automatically fetches data from multiple sources and there is no need to enter data manually. This helps in reducing errors as there is minimal human interaction.

After reading up on what Relatas does, I was intrigued by the problem that Relatas aims to solve and their unique approach in doing the same. I decided this would be a very interesting place to intern at and so applied for the role via AngelList.

Interview Experience

Within a few days of applying for the role, I received a mail that my profile has been shortlisted for the next round! In all there were four rounds in the interview process:

  1. Telephonic interview
  2. ML coding assignment
  3. Telephonic discussion over the solution of the assignment
  4. Call with the CEO

So in the first round, I received a call from Kempa Raju. He was kind and supportive and asked general questions about my resume and the projects that I have done. Then he gave a hypothetical situation and asked a couple of ML related questions on it. Here I was a bit unsure of the answers to some questions, but Kempa was supportive and didn’t discourage me at any point. This round went well and I gave decent answers to the questions.

Next, I received an ML Assignment which was related to Sales forecasting. Here again, Kempa helped me solve any doubts that I had about the assignment and was always prompt in replying to my emails. This helped me complete the assignment on time and I submitted the solutions a day prior to the deadline.

At this point, Robby (VP, Engineering) entered the interview process for checking the submitted solutions. After reviewing the solutions, I got a call from Robby and we discussed the approach that I had used, and he asked me some questions on what could I do to make the results better. Robby too was very kind and told me not to worry about the implementation part much because they are looking for the approach that candidates use to solve the assignment.

Finally, within a couple of days, I received a mail from Robby that I have passed the coding round and the last round would be a call with the CEO of Relatas, Sudip Dutta.

In the last round, Sudip asked me some general questions about myself, what is my motivation to intern with Relatas and how long would I be available. This was a short call, and I soon received an offer letter from Sudip!

I must say that this was one of the best interview experiences I have had to date. I really enjoyed every bit of it and every person in the team was very supportive and motivated me at every point.

You have been accepted! 🕺🎉

Why is Relatas a good place to intern at?

There is no single answer to this question. There are a lot of reasons why Relatas is a very good place to do an internship even for a beginner. The first thing is that it has an open work culture, there is no such hierarchy and you as an intern have the same freedom as any other member of team. You can even directly talk to the CEO if needed, and getting a reply from him won't take much time either. As an intern, any ideas that you bring are more than welcomed and no one would stop you from suggesting anything even if it might not be the best solution. Because at the end of the day what matters is how you learn to tackle a problem and not just get lost into the coding part. Also at Relatas, you get to work on the latest technologies and even get access to various platforms which helps you learn how to build products that work on large scale and write production-quality code. Last but not the least, due to the always responsive team members, you never feel left-out and its very easy to quickly get acclimatized to the work culture.

Thank you for your time and All the best to everyone who is trying to bag an internship at a company!

Would you like to see why I love to work at Relatas? Check us out at- https://relatas.com and if you wish to join us take a look at the open positions here:https://angel.co/company/relatas/jobs