As you know by now, Relatas is a No-Interaction-Data-Entry CRM. Post talking to our users we realized that many of them were using their official numbers for personal use too. So, we released the following features based on your and other customers feedback.

  1. Contacts
  2. Do Not Track: Personal and other contacts can be moved to Do Not Track list where the interactions like Emails/Calls/SMS/Meetings won't be tracked. Already imported interactions will be deleted.
  3. If a contact needs to be tracked again, it can be moved back to the main contact list. Interactions for those contacts will be imported from there on
  4. Please note that the Do Not Track contacts won't be deleted. Only the interactions will be deleted for those contacts.

About Relatas

Relatas is the Sales AI platform that successful B2B sales teams use for Sales Forecasting, Account Management and Sales Execution using Relationship Intelligence and AI. Relatas helps Sales Professionals sell better and faster, with NO-DATA-ENTRY & helping Sales Managers reduce revenue loss and better sales forecasting.


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