“When opportunity knocks at your door, always take a chance, because you never know how perfect something can turn out for you.”

This is a quote that defines my whole internship experience in the simplest words.

Hello, I am Tanya Goyal, 3rd year student of Manipal University Jaipur, pursuing designing.

In March 2020, when the whole world was stuck with a pandemic, I was just another student who promised herself to work on polishing her skills. Sooner or later, I always found myself playing video games or watching just another TV series. That’s when I knew that I needed pressure on my head to work.

When I started applying for internships, I didn’t have much luck until August, when I sent my resume to Sudip (CEO). Soon I was shortlisted. I completed the project that was given to me and waited for his reply patiently (or more like anxiously). After the interview process was completed, I got the mail that I was hired for the internship.

When I was hunting for internships, I thought getting an internship is the most difficult part. When I started working for one, I realised that the real thing has just started. In the beginning, since I was new to “working professionally” field, I failed miserably. I always used to forget things, was bad with software, missed almost every deadline etc. With every mistake I made, I was losing confidence in my work. At every turn I was like “now they will kick me out of the internship”. Little did my “under-confident self” knew that it just needed a little push, which this internship gave me.

Throughout my “not so perfectly working” part, this company (Relatas) has not only handled my mistakes patiently, but also taught me everything which was required to make me industry ready, which included things related to software techniques, my working skills, time management, and remembering things (which was major for me as I forget things a lot) etc, which has brought a lot of confidence in my work.

Now when I think of it, from the hundreds of companies in which I had applied for internship, I am delighted that I got to be a part of Relatas. Because here, I didn’t work on just one field, I tried my hands on so many different kind of projects, like making a comic book, making a tone of illustrations, working with the UI/UX. In any other company, I think, my work would have been limited to just one kind of field, which would have restricted me from exploring and gaining experience in other equally important fields.

Now when I look back at the work I presented in the beginning of the internship, versus the work that I have completed at the end, it appears like if it has been done by two different people. This is how much this internship has helped me grow. Not exaggerating but now I have gained just enough confidence in my work.

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Would you like to see why I love to work at Relatas? Check us out at- https://relatas.com and if you wish to join us take a look at the open positions here: https://angel.co/company/relatas/jobs