I am Siddharth from Kolkata, WB. I am a final year Computer science engineering under-graduate. I have always been highly interested in the field of Machine learning and I was looking for an industry experience where I could grow my technical and business skills. As freshers, an internship is the only way for us to gain real-world experience on how technology is evolving and how different companies use it to solve different use cases.

I started 2020 with high hopes of securing an internship, but then the Covid 19 pandemic hit us. I saw companies laying off employees and new hirings getting cancelled or postponed. I was dejected and had accepted the fact that I won’t be able to crack my dream internship.

It was during July, when I saw the internship posting by ‘Relatas’ on AngelList. It was a ‘Data Science’ internship position, the fact that Relatas was solving the problem of ‘SALES’ using AI appealed to me since I had worked earlier in both these domains. I did my research on Relatas. I found that Relatas team is solving few really difficult Sales problems by leveraging AI. Relatas has awesome sales domain products and as an entrepreneurship enthusiast myself, I was excited.

I was intrigued by the solution Relatas team was building. I knew I had to join this team. I did not think twice before applying.

To my surprise, in just 2 hours I got an email from the VP Technology of Relatas that they were  interested in my application. I could not stop my excitement of knowing that I had made it through the initial stages.
There were 4 stages to the entire hiring process:

  1. First Round - A short initial discussion which consisted of me knowing more about the company and the company getting to know about my previous experience and projects. The discussion lasted for an hour with my interviewer Kempa, he is my primary contact at Relatas. This round was necessary since I got to know the product we would be working on and gave a clear picture of the work I would be doing if selected.
  2. Second Round - This was a technical assessment where I had to solve a problem using machine learning methods. The assignment tested my mathematical and machine learning skills. I was given 5 days to finish this assignment. I tried many models to reach the optimal result. This gave me a good refresher on my ML skills.
  3. Third Round - This round consisted of a technical interview with Robby (VP Technology). This was the round which made me the most nervous. He asked me questions on proper use cases of AI and its limitations. This round gave me a good idea of how to design AI solutions which are very much needed.
  4. Fourth Round - My final call was with with Sudip (The CEO of Relatas) where we had a short discussion about my role and responsibilities.
What I liked about this interview process was different rounds, testing different skills. It was a feeling that I was already part of Relatas even before I joined them - and mind you, this was an Internship. I had never heard of so many rounds of interviews for an internship. This also gave me good vibes, that the management takes Internship at Relatas very seriously, which was proven right within the first month of my internship.

At the end of the interview, I was told that I had been selected. I could not control my happiness, and it was the best thing to happen in 2020 for me.

The entire interview process took 6 days right from the shortlisting to the final call with Sudip.

Then started my first day, first week, first month at Relatas. My first week at Relatas involved knowing about the company, their products and the tech they use. This was exciting because the team believed in me from day 1. Now I understood why Relatas management puts so much effort in the initial interview process.

The best thing here is that we ‘Believe in evolving with new advancements in technology’.

We use ‘Docker’ for running our applications in a concurrent environment.

Our AI and ML use-cases are not just simple regression techniques, rather we believe in trying as many different solutions to reach an optimal result.

We use the latest frameworks and dev environments to make our work collaborative and easier.

Monthly one-on-one with the CEO to openly share ideas.

Before joining ‘RELATAS’ I didn’t know how to work with technologies like ‘Docker’, ‘Spark’, ‘AWS’, ‘MongoDB’ and today after a month I think I am at a much better position than what I started with. And all this was made possible due to Relatas.

These tools which we use here make collaboration easier, using Docker we can make sync out dev-environments and make it concurrent. Spark helps us to scale better with increasing data. AWS and MongoDB help us to build resilient databases which are easily accessible and maintain data security at the same time. I had never used all these tools together at the places I have worked before. Using tools really makes the work easier and persistent.

Also, it is not just the tech ecosystem which is so evolving and collaborative, the entire work culture has been made comfortable and open-to-all.

I will love to point out a few points which I have only seen/experienced at Relatas :

  1. There is an Open-culture, we don’t have an extensive hierarchy system, everyone is on a ‘First-Name’ basis.
  2. All my timelines are decided only by me, but we believe in committing to the deadlines.
  3. Everyone here is open to new ideas.
  4. We at “Relatas” are not building upon an existing problem we are innovating over the existing and new solutions.
  5. We believe in finding solutions more than finding problems.
  6. Everyone from the CEO to the Tech Team is just a message or call away. It never takes more than an hour to get my doubts solved.
  7. I have never felt like I was working as an Intern, I have been treated just like an equal contributor to the growth of the company.
  8. Even though we are living in this WFH world currently, the way everything is managed here, never makes it look like it.
All these points prove that this is not just like any ‘Tech’ Internship. I am just not learning how to grow my technical qualities, rather I am also growing as a solution builder, a problem solver, a collaborator, and these are the things which the current world needs.

At Relatas we love new ideas and build different use cases out of those.

Relatas has a dynamic environment and it does not take much time at all for new interns to get accustomed with the work culture here. We use the latest tools, we work on advanced technologies to solve real problems which are going to help professionals.

One will learn skills like responsibility, punctuality,  time management, ethics, commitment which are the most important skills to thrive in any environment, and fresh grads like us won’t get an opportunity better than Relatas.

Would you like to see why I love to work at Relatas? Check us out at- https://relatas.com and if you wish to join us take a look at the open positions here:https://angel.co/company/relatas/jobs