Here are some questions and answers to help you:

What is a Deal Room?

Deal Room is a collaboration feature with-in Relatas to help you collaborate effectively with distributed or remote teams.

How can a Deal Room help me?

Deal Rooms help both Sales Executives and Sales Managers:

Sales Managers/ VP Sales

  1. Do your 1-0-1 discussion with team members
  2. Get various teams in a single room and have a "virtual-closed-door" discussion. Only people who have access to the Opportunity/ Account can access the Deal Room.
  3. Existing deal room members can invite other team members.
  4. Put notes like: Pre-bid details/ Key Contact Point/ etc under notes for everyone to know whats happening
  5. Assign tasks to team members and track them to closure
  6. For Account Deal Rooms, see all opportunities for that account directly in the Deal Room - No more searching for opportunities for an account.  
  7. Tag people in the conversation and a mail goes out to them to come to Deal Room and discuss.

Sales Executives

  1. Collaborate with Legal/ Finance/ Peers
  2. Get all your discussion in a single location - No more discussion over emails/ WhatsApp/ SMS
  3. Assign tasks to peers and track them to closure
  4. Put notes to analyse later
  5. Get view of the opportunities directly from Deal Room

When should I use a Deal Room?

We recommend use of Deal Rooms in following possible scenarios, other than that, let your imagination run wild.

  1. Deal with multiple partners
  2. Deal which needs collaboration with multiple internal stake holders
  3. When you need a "virtual-closed-door" discussion.
  4. New Logo win strategy discussion
  5. Account Management
  6. Commit call discussion
  7. Opportunity that is going off-track and needs collaboration / feedback
  8. When you need answers to specific questions from team members by a date - assign task.

How do I create a Deal Room?

Within Relatas you can create 3 types of Deal Rooms:

  1. Account Deal Room - For large account strategy or collaborate with multiple teams across geographies
  2. Opportunity Deal Room - Great for discussing large deals and track tasks and strategise
  3. Team Deal Room - Ideal for 1-0-1 discussion with team members. Assign task to the team member during commit calls
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