Hey, I am Sushant Shukla 4th year undergraduate from Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Institute of Technology and Management, New Delhi, from the second year of my college I was interested in Machine learning and AI, and that willingness to learn AI had initiated when I came to know what ML is capable of doing!

So I joined various courses to learn those skills, I didn’t want to lose any chance as I go deep into this field, it is not as simple as it seems. After the end of my courses I was able to get an internship in the start-up that went well for 2 months, after the completion, I wanted to learn more and work on some more interesting use cases.

I applied in various Machine Learning opportunities in Angelist.co within a day I got a revert message from Relatas CEO Sudip that you are “shortlisted for the next round of interview”. I was so happy to get that message and within an hour Kempa (Data Engineer at Relatas) was assigned for telephonic discussion with me.

In the first round, my interview was scheduled with Kempa, he asked me several questions regarding my previous internships, Projects, skills. Other than that he asked some questions to test my reasoning as well and explained everything about all the 4 stages of the interview.
On the second and most crucial stage, I was told to solve use case of one of the Business problem, I was given total 4 days to solve that use case I reached to the solution within those days and further optimization was done by me in next 2 days.
Going forward to 3rd round of the selection process was the most interesting round, I had to explain everything I did in the use case to Robby (VP Engineering at Relatas) and he told me about my roles and responsibilities and how B2B companies work, how CRM plays the important role since I was new to all these things.
After 2 days my final round of selection with Sudip (CEO of Relatas) was scheduled to have a quick discussion regarding the company and internship opportunity.

Very next day I received my offer letter, It was a proud moment for me, I was so fascinated to see all those rounds went smoothly.

Coming to the On boarding process in Relatas there are many steps in setting up in the development environment from using Cloud Networking to DB Setup and Docker, I wasn’t familiar with these environments so Robby and Kempa are just one call/Email away they helped me a lot in these steps.

I like the culture at Relatas that’s calling everyone by their first name no matter how younger or elder you are!

“There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.”

– Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

Now it’s been approximately one month since I am working here I am enjoying the work. I am growing in all terms and hope to go long way ahead.

At Relatas we decide our own deadline that’s the best thing so that one can introspect himself and based upon his capabilities and efficiency, one has the freedom to choose his own deadline.

Over the years we learned that if we asked people to rely on logic and common sense instead of on formal policies, most of the time we would get better results, and at a lower cost.”

– Patty McCord, Chief Talent Officer, Netflix

The work Relatas is doing itself excites me and it’s doing excellently in the field of sales by reducing the work efforts of salespersons between B2B companies by using the cutting edge technologies Machine Learning and AI.

Joining Relatas will lead you to learn various things like punctuality, creativity, team spirit. It gives you confidence to master your area of interests while working on some amazing real time use cases.

Would you like to see why I love to work at Relatas? Check us out at- https://relatas.com and if you wish to join us take a look at the open positions here: https://angel.co/company/relatas/jobs