I’m sure you have heard about AI and what’s going to happen to the world and professions in the near future. Here is a glimpse of it:

Artificial Intelligence & New Collar Economy
Sales Sci-Fi becomes reality
There are lot of start-ups and large organisations who are working on AI to help in different fields, be it employee management, customer management, sales management, etc. Relatas is one such company which is helping the Sales prediction and faster sales, through Artificial Intelligence with its smart CRM solution.

Below image shows where Relatas — Sales AI helps the sales professionals.


The 5 stages where Relatas — Sales AI can make a positive impact:

Perceptions can be deceptive. How do you know what you perceive is right? Where is the data coming from to make sure what you are perceiving is right? Are you entering the correct data into your existing CRM systems?

Relatas automatically captures data from your emails/ calls/ SMS/ calendar/ Social to give you the correct perception on what is happing with your team — Real Time.
Do you know what you need to know, and do you get notified at the right time? There are lot of great systems available which will show you the data that you already know — we call it Data Puke. That kind of data is of no use to you. You need data that you can start taking action on.

Since Relatas automatically captures your interaction data, and thus can help you get the right notifications at the right time. e.g. What are your deals at Risk. Relatas not only show you your deals-at-risk but also suggest ways to de-risk them.
Do you know what your team’s Pipeline Velocity looks like? Which of your team members are likely to meet their quarter numbers? How you sell a million dollar deal vs how your colleague sells a million dollar deal is very different.

Relatas — Sales AI adapts to your style of selling and tracks your sales team members targets and achievements and tell you how likely they are to meet their targets.
There are lot of tasks that can be automated with the help of AI, but you need to be very careful on what you automate, unless you want your AI to be a PR nightmare.


Relatas takes care of all these because it understands what’s at stake. Relatas creates pre-drafted email templates for you, which you can review and then send out rather than automatically sending out the emails. It saves you time to draft the mails, all you need to do is click on send. Relatas also reminds you of your past and upcoming meetings and who you could meet when you are traveling to a new location, and all this with no-interaction-data-entry.

Can the system prevent things and notify before they happen. Most of the times the CXO/ VP Sales question their team on why they didn’t meet their targets. What if the system could notify you before things go out of hand?

That’s exactly what Relatas does. Relatas creates the best path to success.

Relatas prevents deals leakages by staying on top of your important contacts
Relatas suggests you ways to de-risks your deals-at-risk
Relatas suggest you ways to meet your quarter targets
Sounds like magic, isn’t it. Well that’s what AI is all about. Why don’t you give us a shout at hello@relatas.com and we’ll be happy to give you a demo of the magic.